Is there a fear of loosing job after Lockdown ?? (A brainstorm)

After lock down due to Corona, the job market will remain of multitasking.

You must have read that the industries of the world were running in a recession even before Corona. So after lifting the lockdown, companies will lack sufficient funds due to not having business in the last two-three months.

Many companies will try to take advantage of this situation despite having sufficient funds.

Soon after the lockdown, and also recently, we get calls from many of our clients’ top executives and other top level candidates. Conversations happen. They ask what will be the situation after Corona?  Will the industry really be down and jobs will go away?  We have done regular discussions with them, and here we are giving some excerpts for that.

Whatever industry you are currently working in, if you are well skilled or expert in your work,  you don’t have to be afraid. Your job is less likely to go away. In management, we call it ‘Star Employee’. After the lock down, if the company thinks of reducing its employees, then the company will first remove the employees who are lazy, or are low in skills. If you are a star employee, then you do not need to be afraid, but if it is not so, should you be afraid? So the answer is to be afraid. But is there any solution for this? Yes of course there is.

It is our advice to you that in this lock down you can use to be at home. There is a lot of knowledge available on Google.  Get the knowledge and updates which are related to your work.

As we have mentioned above that there will be no damage to Star Employees while reducing the staff, similarly the company will see one more thing, are you multi tasking? What does it mean? Meaning of this; For example, if you are in the position of an accountant and the company is thinking about cutting the HR department and if the company feels that you can be given the responsibility of accountancy and manpower management both, then you will not get fired. Provided you are ready to take up the responsibilities. If you are not ready to take both the responsibilities then the company may think to get you out of work. And at that place will appoint such a multitasking employee who can handle both accounts and HR.

Can you try to be a star employee or multi tasking employee in a lock down? Yes, you can.

How do you know whether you are a skilled employee or not? So for that you have to ask yourself some questions. What are those questions?  We have brainstormed those in our next blog.

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Jai Hind.

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