Have you taken steps towards not loosing job after lock down?

In the year 2008-09, the industry saw a big recession and job cuts. At that time, we were advisors of some well-known companies. And some policies we designed in companies that benefited both the employees and the management.

Some experts are suggesting that the job market position will be worse than of the year 2008-09, after the lockdown. But we do not think so.

We had said in our previous blog that if you are a brilliantly skilled worker (Star Employee), then you need not fear.

You can ask yourself some questions to find out whether you are a skilled employee.

Do you have any experience or information about other official subject besides your official subject?

 For example, if you are in accounts, do you also know a little about Human Resource  Development (HR)?

Multitasking skills will be more preferred in the industry period after lockdown.

2. Do you always update your knowledge?

Eg. if you are in software, and in your previous career record, the company has seen that you always read and update yourself of new technologies. If this is the case, even if you are new, if the company is reducing the manpower then company will think less of removing you, or will not think. Because the company will consider you a proactive employee.

3. Does senior company management know that you are a well-skilled employee?

Sometimes you are also a skilled artisan and multitasking. Yet senior management does not know. As a result, if the company is thinking of reducing the force, then your number can also come. Very often, due to the internal politics of the company, information about your good works is not reached to the senior management. Or the credit always goes to someone else. If this is the case, then be wiser. Ensure that the senior management knows that the good work is done by you. Do not claim credit of others’ smartwork,  similarly, don’t let others claim credit of your smartwork. Once the senior management knows that you are well skilled and multitasking, your chances of being fired will be very less, or not. Perhaps you can also be promoted.

4. Do you need the help of your seniors again and again?

Senior may be required in two things, either when you are committing a lot of mistakes in the work given to you. Or you are learning some new things, new work.

After the lockdown when the industries will be functional, for a period of few months after that will not be the time of experiment. The way the same players are selected in the sports team, who are performing well at that time. Similarly, after the lockdown, only skilled craftsmen will dominate the industry. Not  learners or frequent mistake makers.

Because most people fall into this category, we look at both these issues a little more minutely.

As we said in the previous blog, the time after lockdown will be multitasking and skilled people. So if a man is repeatedly making mistakes in the given work, in the last 6 months career track record. Then it is difficult for him to sustain his job. But if it is so, then should you be scared? Absolutely not. Understand that mistakes occur again and again when the work you are doing; in which you do not have interest in. Or you have an interest in pursuing some other career in your life. Or you are doing this work only to support the family by earning some money. And whether or not your mistake hurts and irritates other person, it doesn’t make much difference to you. If your thinking is like this then you will have to stay at home without work. But is there any solution? Yes definitely. If in the last 6 months, your record has been made many mistakes and many of them again and again, despite you having experience, then you should start looking for another job. And while you are at work, look at your mistakes and try to improve them. Check your work once before handing over the work to your supervisor. So that the amount of mistakes is reduced. If you do not understand some things, then discuss with the supervisor, understand and try to do those things correctly. But keep searching for another job at the same time, because once your reputation is not good in that company, it is better not to stay there.

As far as trainee or apprentice is concerned, it will depend a little on the industry. If skilled manpower (experience resource) is too expensive outside in an industry, then they can appoint the learning artisan or trainee and manage them. But for this, after getting a training assignment, you should prepare your mind to do very, very hard work. Think of this difficult time as the challenge of a life. No difficult time lasts long. If you keep fighting, victory will be yours.

But as far as getting training assignment is concerned, the job market after lockdown can be more difficult than before.

Some such efforts are going on at the Central Government level, which reduces the chances of industrial slowdown after lock down. We have brainstormed what that effort is in our next blog. But we advise that you do not depend on it. You should continue your efforts towards strengthening yourself with more knowledge and skills, that is, towards self-development.

5. Another reason of loosing your job is closing down your department or your company.

In this case you do not have any control on the situation even though you are a star employee.

How would you identify this case?

Here are some suggestions.

Just like body gives you a signal before any disease, you get a signal of the health of your company. Combination of symptoms such as Financial long term position and credibility in the market, turnover of most of top management personnel,  company management behavior,  change in unfavorable company HR practices, frequent long delays in salary. However, presence of any single of the above symptoms may not amount to closing down of department or company.

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3 thoughts on “Have you taken steps towards not loosing job after lock down?”

  1. Charmie Bhatt

    Thanks for the link! This was a quite insightful read. For me working from home during lockdown has been very much productive, while I could achieve more with innovative thinking helping myself and team settle in the new normal, my efforts and achievements were recognised by Dynamo award for the quarter. As of now job security is a concern but career progression was on my to-do and I am not going to stop working towards my plans totally because of changing scenario.

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