Can Employment Opportunities be Enormously generated in India in Post Lockdown industrial era instead of job losses (A Brain storm)

In previous blog we had brainstormed how you can be aware that you may or may not loose your jobs post Lockdown industrial era. In this blog, we shall see two main post lockdown SCENARIOS which may result in generation of huge employment opportunities in India rather than reducing jobs and how we, as Citizens of Bharat, can take part in the process to make it happen.  

Scenario I ::

Due to Corona; and some of the countries claiming it an open secret of China’s involvement in CREATION of coronavirus, you might have read that lot European Countries may think of shifting their factories out of China.

Considering geographical position, India might be their one of the better choices to shift their factories too.

But the process may not be that easy. It involves following factors

  • Raw material availability
  • Skills availability
  • Political scenario

India is diverse and rich in natural resource. China is considered as number 1 in Natural Resource, but after China in Asia, India is the only Choice, if USA and European Countries will be thinking of shifting their production units from China for meeting demands of their products in Asia. Hence considering better raw material availability after China, India gets best weightage.

In Asia, in case of some minerals and oil resource, Saudi Arabia is better than India. But considering strategy and political diplomacy of western countries and USA, we think, that India will be the choice than Saudi Arabia.

In case this happens, there will be huge switch over of Good skilled (in their respective domain) manpower resource from present loss making companies to these newly shifted good companies . China predominantly produce electronic and electric item. 

But this will not be overnight, it needs positive, constant efforts by Government in terms of better transportation, power supply, and industry specific fab center (gases). It’s fortunate that the new Central Government has taken the same seriously before Corona era and already started working on the same.

From HR perspective Electrical and Electronics manufacturing requires Dip / Deg Electrical and Electronics Engineers, but since tech candidates prefer IT industry, India need to look at alternate ITI/ Certificate Course candidates to fill the gap. By properly structured training and development infrastructure it is possible. Eminent motivational speaker Dr Vivek Bindra says “In China if you give any person any automated product, he/ she may get it assembled by good efforts even though they are not technically qualified.” This type of environment and liking needs to be created in India. But one most important thing to be kept in mind here is all these things have to be in harmony with Nature, without destroying nature, since due to CORONA human being has learnt the balancing force of the nature, if human try to disrupt, then nature will destroy us in no time.

However, this scenario is not very practical as shifting of factories involves huge fixed and variable cost, which is difficult for European countries to spend, since their economies were not that great prior to COVID-19 epidemic.

Scenario II  ::

We support Sonam Wangchuk  ‘ sena degi bullet se Nagrik degi wallet se ’  call to teach China a lesson.  As our Mission is to contribute to make India a Superpower, we urge all readers to boycott all Chinese app first and gradually refrain from purchasing China made items including Electronics, Electrical. We have seen lot of people of Bharat have started supporting it by unloading Chinese apps like Tik Tok, Helo, stopping purchases from eCommerce Chinese app like Alibaba.  

If supported by most of the Citizens of India, then Government of India will also be enforced to make policies supporting indigenous quality production of electronics and electrical items, which we are currently importing and purchasing from China, simultaneously to see our mother Nature is not reversely affected by the same.

This wave will generate a lot of indigenous employment opportunities, not only for techies but for candidates with general skills.

By above efforts of boycotting Tiktok, Hello, Alibaba, other Chinese manufactured items we shall divert money which goes to China back to our country, and which is used by China for producing and procuring weapons to kill our soldiers. This money can be used for generation of huge employment opportunities in our motherland, Bharat.

Jai Hind !

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