Work from Home Policy COVID19

COVID-19 has forced the industry of the world to adopt work from home policy. This step is not only inevitable in the direction of social distancing, but possible and effective in today’s era of fast internet facility.

If work from home jobs policy is effectively implemented, it can save both the money and time of the company, rather it increases an ability of a company to increase profit.

work from home policy India scenario :

Let us see if work from home policy is completely new or earlier there were work from home jobs in india, the answer is yes.

Ancient Work from home policy India

Before the Industrial Revolution, villages in India used to be self-sufficient. The artisans used to run their workshops and businesses from their houses or from a place close to their home. At that time, there were some businesses in which merchants had to travel to different villages, different regions. These specific professions or roles or tasks could not be performed from home.

From generation after generation, the earlier generations were training their next generations till they become experts in that business or profession or trade. In today’s era, we call it skill development.  

Thus, though Modes of transport and Communications in those times were primitive,  work from home policy India was in existence.

Modern Work from Home Policy

Mostly, problem in most Metropolitan Cities is commutation. Whether you travel in local train or even in your private car, one has to spend at least 1-2 hours daily for commutation to and fro home – office. This makes the life harder and adds badly to pollution. Similarly due to long working hours family life and official work balance gets disturbed. Though the work pressure cannot be avoided also in work from home situation, you can certainly save 2-3 hours daily of your travelling and settling down at work place. You can enjoy self-scheduling of your working time, flexible as per work from home policy of your company. You will never be responsible for late coming and pay cut arising out of it. The only expectation in work from home policy would be to get quality deliverable within agreed times from you. Adjustments of your daily work schedule is your baby.

Companies can identify tasks which they can bring under work from home policy as all jobs may or may not performed work from home e g factory workers have to work on machines. Work from home policy has to be well drafted and supported by well designed performance management system. We have already designed good performance systems for our good clients.

Though Corona is a Curse for human community, the arisen situation of necessity of work from home is, we think, a blessing. 

Companies like IBM, Wipro, TCS already had Work From Home Policy prior to COVID19 pandemic. During lockdown many software companies were performing their tasks effectively by executing work from home policy effectively.  Some companies like J P Morgan have implemented work from home policy effectively during lockdown.

Companies can design either permanent Work from home policy or can have temporary work from home policy covid19 which can be scrapped after the pandemic is over.

In next blog we shall discuss various types of work from home policy. Office and even some shop floor jobs which can be performed effectively through work from home policy.

In our next blog we shall discuss the detailed brainstorm of how effectively you can perform your work from home jobs as an employee and guidelines to design work from home policy for HR professionals.

In the next blog we shall discuss how you can perform work from home jobs more effectively. We shall also discuss some good work from home job opportunities.

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4 thoughts on “Work from Home Policy COVID19”

  1. Deepak kumar singh

    After I met with a major road accident in which the doctor advised me to go for a bed rest completely, but the company denied it and said you can leave the organisation, which rattled me to nowhere, with all my savings gone into the surgery and no work, I will definitely suggest work from home option.

    1. Sorry to hear about your accident. We can understand your mental stress in this situation. Recently well known actor ‘Dharmendra’ ji has said ‘Khuda Unhi Ki Madad Karta Hai Jo Khud Ki Madad Karte Hai’. We wish you speedy recovery. Take rest if doctor has advised you, if doctors permit you to work from home, then just analyze your skills e.g. excel, software development, accounts, sales and marketing and apply for work from home opportunities available in the market. May God bless you..

    1. Data Entry work from home jobs, Sales and Marketing jobs for industries running in COVID situation like hospitals, pharmaceuticals, online purchases. Some work from home jobs in industries like e-commerce, software, graphics, online marketing, online coaching are some of the jobs you can look for in Lockdown or post lockdown period. Blogging can also be a good option but requires constant efforts, skills and passion.

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