Design your Work from home (WFH) / part time work / freelance jobs policy

Covid-19 has necessitated well crafted work from home policy for your Company.

Prerequisites for good Work from home policy whether designed for full time / part time jobs / freelance jobs from home :

  1. Companies should have well defined grades and Job descriptions.
  2. WFH Policy should be supported by an excellent task management tool with good UI, speed,  flexibility and features. Many free and paid PMS software are available in the market for desktop and web versions with its own advantages and disadvantages. Since different PMS software evaluations cannot be mentioned in a single blog, companies interested may Contact Us

Let's see the salient points you, as the maker of work from home policy should consider.

  1. Always remember two things before crafting of work from home policy. a) even though there's no WEF policy, more than the physical presence of an employee, at his assigned place of work at office, it's important if an employee has done work on time and with quality. b) if an employee is working from home, she'll always look for balance of family and work responsibilities, hence WFH policy should provide good flexibility, of course, without compromising timelines and quality agreed to external customers. This will ensure that an employee enjoys WFH and willingly delivers productive work consistently.
  1. Companies should identify which jobs to be brought under WFH, as all jobs cannot be performed WFH e.g. Factory Workers, delivery boys. But, in industries like banking,  NBFC, IT software, education, training etc most of the jobs can be brought under WFH and can be performed more productively than an employee present in the office. Functions like HR, accounts, form filling jobs, online data entry, freelance online jobs from home, online medical transcription jobs , social media marketing jobs from home can be fully brought under WFH.
  1. Companies should identify the infrastructure employees opting for work from home should have i.e. minimum configuration of computers, fast  internet availability (5mbps recommended for 4k video transmissions if work involves media files transmissions or online training). In normal circumstances, even your mobile 4G speed will do. Good mobile range or landline availability in case of fluctuating mobile range. The minimum requirement of the infrastructure should be specified in your Work from home policy document.
  2. WFH policy can be classified into a) flexible working hours b) flexible working time c) flexible career d) flexible place. These broad categories can further be sub-classified e.g. Flexible Working Time can be sub-classified in Flexible Hours,  Compressed Hours, Annualized Hours, Shift Working etc. You can Contact Us for Work From Home Policy best suited for your company.
  3. Since due to COVID-19 profitability of most of the industries affected badly, salary can be restructured to introduce variable and incentives components. The same should be linked to the measurable performance parameters. It can be with or without an increase in your  overall salary overheads. Reference of the same should be made in your work from home policy, so that employees are clear of minimum performance standards expected from them and rewards they shall get in case of an excellent performance.
  1. Payment of wages act mentions maximum deductions can be made from salary. However, if you are designing WFH policy, for COVID-19, since for current period, Government has given liberty to employers, to pay wages lesser than agreed in appointment letters, your WFH policy can mention deductions more than allowable under Payment of Wages Act, if agreed individual performance standards are not met. We do not recommend this if the financial position and market strength of the company is better.
  1. Our team has extensive experience in compensation and benefits, online Performance Management System, drafting and operating Company Policy, Legal Compliance. Kindly Contact Us for more details.  

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