Job Hunting for you, a challenge in today’s job market

Really huge job cuts going around due to COVID – 19 pandemic ? Is really difficult to find a job in today’s market ?

We shall see answers to these question in this blog.

We are in industrial consulting and job market since 2006. When there is panic in the job market, we sense the same, just like there is noise in the disaster. We, as industrial experts, do not sense such panic in current job market, till publishing of this blog. Yes, Corona pandemic has lower business considerably of many industries but has not resulted in huge job cuts. Yes there may be lay-offs, but that’s there even before this pandemic, isn’t it? Effect is not that serious, that you, with only income as Salary, should be very much concerned of.

The reason for this, we have observed is, lot of employers, big and small, we are proud to say, this include many of our clients, have shown a sense of social responsibility. They have not only did zero job cuts, but also did zero salary cuts, bearing business volume loss on their own. Good to see that employees also supporting them by giving productivity even working from home.

It’s difficult right now to assess how long this situation will prevail, but as far as job market scenario of today, while writing this blog, it’s more or less stable.

Don’t panic. It’s a rumor

Another questions you would like to know is:

  • Can you search highest paying jobs in current job market?; or
  • Can you look for good career path in current job market ?

Our answer to these questions is. Right now just hold your breath for a while, yes just as Baba Ramdev ji says and lot of people follow it now a days to increase their immunity 🙂 . Yes, search of highest paying jobs in current job market may land you into a company, which may lead to job cuts in near future due to current project got over, loss of business volume etc. If present job gives you enough oxygen (salary) to survive in today’s market have it. Of course, if you get very good opportunity, lot of sources now a days are available to you to check if there is possibility of COVID impact. If you are confident of remote possibility, grab it.

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Our team still get calls from candidates asking for

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The volume of calls are more or less same as prior to Corona period. Do not get panic listening rumors of lots of job cut in the current market. But, be cautious in selecting a job. It’s not the question of getting into big or small company. It’s, right now, about the stability of your job till this pandemic is over.

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